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trainings + specialties 

RYT 200hr

"my practice brought me to a place within myself, where i knew it to be true- the only way to offer change in my community effectively and in present, was through becoming a guide. to be an advocate of change; an inward transformation which reflects an outward experience." in 2018, a the age of 20, i decided to follow my own light. 

yoga at the age of thirteen, created a secure foundation within myself to begin healing my wounds, nurturing + rediscovering who i have always been.

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

my 200 hour focused course was through a Baptiste - inspired  vinyasa studio, Pedretti Power Yoga - Green Bay, WI. 

this training became an essential tool in guiding students with the power of using our words to guide students vs demonstrating throughout the  duration of class. to articulate + effectively guide a safe verbal class, we studied ; anatomy, alignment, and sequencing. hands on assisting was paired with my training, as an option to safely support students while entering, maintaining, or exiting postures. 

during the summer of 2019, i followed my inner compass to become attuned, trained + taught by Sandy Ruminski for level II of  Reiki Healing at 9th street wellness center . i joined Reiki shares, learned & studied traditional healing methods. as a student i dedicate myself to the Tao, paired with the study & application of Feng Shui.   

inspired by my sisters pregnancy, in early 2020 i completed a 10 hour PreNatal Yoga Specialty Certification, through NETA. we studied; the journey & stages of pregnancy for both- mother + baby, safe postures & sequencing,  breathing techniques, mudras, baby + mother anatomy. This course is effective in understanding the movements + delicacies during pregnancies; while also highlighting the importance of a mother's emotional and mental health during their journey. 


2020 unfolds itself and i became immersed in the world of Ashtanga  Yoga. that summer i completed a 25 hour Intensive Training with Sam Vetrano  in Boulder, CO. within this intensive; we practiced led primary, guided through asana breakdown + methodology, studied philosophy, history, sanskrit, & lead through informative lectures, such as sexual misconduct within the yoga community. 

the following year (2021) i choose to dive deeper, by practicing under Irene Pappas, Marie Belle, and Ian MacLeod in a 30 hour Intensive. this training focused on handstands & flexibility. this course offers a deeper understanding of functional anatomy, injury prevention, effective programming + sequencing for backbends, splits, and inversions. the course offered me an opportunity to think critically, open my mind, and strengthen my practice. 

Summer 2021 comes to bloom and the sun is full! 

giving me the opportunity to train with Gianna Allegro . 

Their Maha Hatha Series is a means of "focused movements and practices on something specific to reach surprising new heights, be it physical or emotions." We conditioned inversions + strength, backbends + twists, hips + splits, forward bends + flexion.

as a practitioner and traveler on my life path, i continue to train and be mentored by my dedicated and exceptional teachers and guides around the world.

with relationships ( friends, family, students ) in my life that also walk with me, guiding me towards eternal wisdom and universal understanding - i am forever grateful. 

Image by Davies Designs Studio

"feeling my body, feeling my emotions, and recognizing my thoughts with my eyes closed free flowin; is where i am able to express and connect with the essence of my being. before or after, its in my nature to tune my vibrations with my drum or sound bowl, maybe my harp; and it's like all my worlds become one.

i specialize in connecting and channeling energies through the energetic meridians; with asana vinyasa, sound bathing, and breath work. my intention is to harmonize, balance, and ignite the energy within."

xo, ari 

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