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Ariana Orozco. Find your nature.
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from the inside out.


the art of Yoga, Reiki + Life ignited itself within me to follow my intuition and desires of receiving + living a life filled with true love, honest gratitude, unconditional compassion + faithful joy. 

mindfully practicing Yoga + movement, integrating trauma healing, hearing + witnessing life unfold;

sharing personal teachings and lessons from my respected teachers;

bring me into an alignment of what the true nature of my being is -

a vessel of unbound love, passionate , creative, honest, & strong willed.

Curiosity of myself became a strong tool that lead me to find practices that would bring more of myself to the surface of who i am.


to continue discovering my essence, nurture who i am, and step into all that i have been; is to continue living an authentic life, true to me. 

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beyond the studio realm,

my commitment to honoring meaningful relationships, extends to even the little people of this world <3 nannying with amazing families, opens up a world of playfulness, honest vulnerability, and fun creativity.


aside from playdates with the littles of our community; 

caring + nurturing my bunny, Robert, and kitten, Leo are my at home delights <3 Doodling, knitting & creating crystal jewelry is a special craft of mine that i also share with others.


Reading, cooking at home, night walks, and making memories with my partner offer my life fulfillment <3

sharing my time with my local family and + friends fill my heart with a deep sense of joy and belonging. 

the curated intention for my way of life is to accept the value of meaningful moments + connection. honoring the integrity of unconditional love & faithful joy. 

Image by Wolf Zimmermann
Blue Sky

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