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w e l c o m e  to the

Peace of Mind
e p e r i e n c e

the intention |

An outreach initiative that is focused on wellness + mindful education, self connection, growth and curiosity. This is a once a year offering that is valued at over $700 with over +30hrs of learning and training with Ari.  


To nominate a person in your life or community, please send me a personal message, here.

may peace be with you, 

xo, Ari

Peace of Mind Scholarship

link will take you to our forum ♡

if we only look within, we will see the Light as if we were seeing our own image in a mirror 
                                         sri s satchidananda

the offering |

unlimited small group yoga classes for two months | two one -on-one yoga privates | two energy therapy - Reiki sessions | access to specialty workshops and pop up events for 6o days | three 45min connection calls and meets (:



The Peace of Mind Scholarship can be applied for or be nominated through a sponsor.

By applying for this scholarship, applicants agree to commit to personally booked session dates, privates, events, and check ins.

Dedication and commitment is a life time practice of self transformation. Showing up for one another is valued in our collective, community and in personal experiences. 

Applicants must be at least 18yo. Beginner yogis are soo welcomed ♡

Peace of Mind  e p e r i e n c e

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