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Peace of Mind
S c h o l a r s h i p

Weekly Private Meditation

Unlimited Monthly Yoga

*Zoom Access Available*

Invite to Pop Up Events

Weekly Check Ins

Lectures + Workshops

Private Yoga Classes




An outreach initiative that is focused on wellness + mindful education, self connection, growth and curiosity.

The Peace of Mind Scholarship can be applied for or be nominated through a sponsor.

By applying for scholarship, applicants agree to commit to session dates, privates, events, and check ins. Dedication and commitment is a pillar of life transformation. Showing up for one another is valued in our collective and community. 

Applicants must be at least 18yo. Beginner yogis are soo welcomed ♡

This is a once a year offering to that is valued at over $600 with over +30hrs of learning and training with Ari

Journey inward and embrace life that surrounds us. Share joy and experience peace. 

To nominate a person in your life, please send me a personal message, here.

may peace be with you, 

xo, Ari

Apply Today 

Peace of Mind Scholarship

link will take you to our forum ♡

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