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Our Tribe...

Hand selected teachers from our community to best fit the needs of our students, guests, and clients. Our guides at Unalome Studio practice and share with a burning passion. Down to earth, open minded, and understanding are only some of the qualities we all share (:


Follow Ash to keep up with her teaching <3

Though I am working to become a yoga instructor, I feel more called to be a guide, to help individuals in a way so that they have the space to find their own healing practice. 


When I felt drawn to the practice of yoga asana a few years back, I was in a dark place. What I learned through my practice of yoga back then, is the intimate relationship I was able to form within myself, to find a way back to the light that I so deeply wanted for myself again. When I was deep in this dark place, I thought everything that could heal me was purely external, but once that shifted and I realized that I had more power within me, my world became filled with color and expression, movement suddenly turned into radical medicine for my mind and body. It was that moment that I realized I needed to dive deeper into my yoga practice, and start working towards a goal that will allow me to help others find healing through yoga, which my ideal end goal would be to become a yoga therapist.


If taking a class with me sounds fitting for your soul, I encourage you to show your authentic self, show me your heart, and together we can find healing in each other. 





Book with Celeste

Ray Celeste has been exploring, studying + practicing various facets of Spirituality since her childhood. Her journey of exploration began within her affinity for Mother Nature. Following the Callings to spend time amongst the Land, she experienced spiritual phenomena that opened her up to Spirit’s gifts + healings. She now shares these Healings with Others so they may, too, initiate their journey towards awakening to their purpose. Connecting to the silence within Nature, Celeste was also drawn towards the practice of Meditation to delve deeper into the workings of the Mind + touch the Truth of our Divine Selves + Consciousness. Celeste has been studying + practicing various philosophies of Meditation for nearly 10 years. Through intensive Vipassana retreats, she now incorporates the teachings of Insight Meditation into Healings. Among these highest passions lies Celeste’s intimate love for travel; her offerings inspired by indigenous gatherings + ceremonies of Oceania, learning from Spiritual homelands of Southeast Asia + Europe, + studying traditions of Native American + Peruvian Shamans. Her other offerings include Energy Work, Shadow Work, Meditation + Mindfulness, The Path of the Heart, Reiki + Chakra Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Elemental + Toltec Healing. Celeste’s foundation of Healing ourselves lies within the Truth that we are all connected to the Oneness of Spirit. It is our restoration of balance + empowerment within our Being through recognizing this connection through Heart, mind, body + Spirit that we realize our medicine is within. Celeste’s Healing sessions are decorated with inspirations of the Resilient Warrior Heart, Ancestral + Earth Wisdoms, holding space for Shadow, acknowledging limiting + illusionary belief systems + habitual patterns + working with our Spirit Guides to gain insight as to our life’s mission during this incarnation. Ray’s intention with each healing session is an offering to be a conduit for the essence of Spirit to be channeled through + delivered as a gift of awakening.

Follow the link to Ray Celeste’s website to dive deeper into the various Healings that are offered + the ceremonial events that she holds space for, such as: Meditation Gatherings, Women’s Circles, Equinox + Moon Ceremonies. 


Many Blessings



My name is Anna. I am a Gemini sun, Pisces moon and an Aquarius rising. I have always felt out of place and felt there had to be something more to life, even as a child. In 2014 I experienced a traumatic event that sent me to a very dark place which jump started my spiritual awakening. I was no longer able to hide from the truth, I didn’t understand what was happening to me and thought I lost my mind. I soon found myself drawn to divination, crystals, astrology, all things esoteric and metaphysical. While visiting a crystal shop a psychic came up to me and told me “you need to know you aren’t crazy.” He then explained to me what was happening, how I was a lot more sensitive than I could comprehend at the time and how I need to learn to protect myself. I am forever grateful for that encounter. He truly inspired me and that’s when I completely went down the rabbit hole searching for answers, healing and the truth. I finally knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want to help people who were like me, the “crazy” people, the ones who just want to give up, the lost and confused. I want to help others make light of the dark. My life is dedicated to guiding, inspiring, educating and helping others heal and empower themselves. One of my favorite ways in doing so is through the art of tarot and oracle cards. My style of reading is very guidance based. I am not your average tarot reader who is always trying to foretell the future. I prefer to work in the past or present as I believe we create our own lives. The future is always changing and is created based on past experiences, conditioning, beliefs and what we do in the now. I am also a self taught astrologer. I enjoy using the science of astrology to understand the planetary energies that influence all of us. Especially their own unique impact on us individually based on our own planetary code given at the time of birth which I use to find patterns, karma and much more. I also offer Reiki healings and am currently on the path to become a Reiki Master. My goal is to help others feel validated, seen and reassured.. To plant the seeds that empower and encourage others to be active in their own personal healing journey, hop off the wheel of karma and return to their truth. By helping others with their karma ultimately helps not only me but everyone else here on planet earth with their karma as well. We are all one. And we are a lot more than just humans. Feel free to check out my website for additional information and offerings. 


Love & Light

Anna Uranian angel

Kiani Kaiwi

Essentially healing, I am Kiani, and I find joy in sharing/educating my lifestyle practice of aromatherapy and holistic health & wellness with this community, my community!

Used by ancient Egyptians, I too find fulfillment in using aromatherapy through distilled plant life as part of my everyday medicinal healing practice as they would for their religious or scared rituals/ceremonies.

These botanical extracts, using many different medicinal plants, roots, herbs, flowers and trees from all over the planet, are proven to open the physical, emotional and spiritual well being while using its powerful effects to improve all of those aspects.

I began my holistic practice back in 2012. Doterra Essential Oils opened my eyes to a whole new way of life, a life where you know what you are aiming to heal and essentially what is going into/onto your vessel/body. I am not going to say it was an easy journey to get started. It was not until 2017 that I began steering away from all modern medicines/practices to rely solely on aromatherapy through topical, aromatic and internal applications.

My practice has extended its legs onto my beautiful ohana as well. As soon as I watched the health growth with in that circle that I hold close to my heart, I knew that I was ready to share to the many more that have found curiosity or interest in this way of life. I am so excited to have the platform provided by Unalome Studio to open this up to the community.

My goal is to educate your mind, body and spirts to align through the senses of smell and sound while using essential oil aromatherapy and sound frequency healing. I hope to meet you in person if you have stuck around this long and just know that whether you can relate to my practice or not, I enjoy that you took the time to open your mind up to my voice behind it all!

Have a beautiful day and do not hesitate to reach out to me with any unfulfilled questions/concerns!

Aloha, Kiani


IG: Kiani_anii


FB: Kiani Boyce Kaiwi




(Disclaimer: I am not stating in any way that going to the doctors or the use of modern medicine is not important. If that is in your practice, continue to apply those uses into your life. Aromatherapy is a practice of which you can apply under your OWN CHOICE, but you can find comfort in consulting with your doctor first)

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